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The Full Story


As a teenager I dreamed of becoming an 'art psychologist'  -

at a time, when there was no such vocation. 

But, a life long interest in word/image/relationship and the hurting soul has led to a long educative journey involving;

Dip Theo, BA (Hons) M ATh (AThR), GIM(R), Cert. integrated Couples Therapy.

A belief in applied theory which is integrated into practice has always been a goal and has resulted in a psychotherapeutic practice which is 'rounded and grounded'. 

Along this journey I have had many wonderful opportunities,

I have over 20 yrs of experience working in both the community and within hospitals settings, with ages 5-95 yrs. This includes experience in group work, supervision & individual sessions.

It has been a privilege to work with people in; acute mental health, palliative care, aged care, family relationships, couples counselling, children, teenagers, and disabilities. These work places have provided many opportunities to witness people's emotional discomforts which then moved towards emotional healing and self empowerment.

I work from a Client Focused and Strengths Based perspective which permits client and therapist to work together to identify needs & goals.

 My area of specialization is relational trauma, inter-generational trauma and the impacts of trauma on the family unit. 

Annette is committed to quality care for the individual and the local community.


Zen Stones
Princes Pier


To utilize psychotherapeutic practices, the arts and education 

to bring enlightenment which may enable us to expand our self-perceptions and views of reality 

Zen Stones


To reveal through word & image

how psychotherapy can act as a mirror to reflect;

attitudes, values, cultural practices and ideologies,

so that we may develop self-awareness and advocate for social change where social change is required. 

Zen Stones
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